BrittMarie Wirgård

I was born in 1943, in Djupnoret, in the parish of Bjurtjärn,
Värmland and began painting at the age of 12.
My father was a gardener, so I have lived with gardening all my life.
Between the ages  of 15 and 21 I took courses at an
industrial arts school  in Gothenburg.

The first cottage of our own was bought in 1965, in Finnerödja. 
Hans, myself and our oldest son moved there in 1967. 
Our first garden was there, filled with Paeonia (peonies),
, Lupine, Verbascum, a big beautiful cherry tree and an oak.
The name of the cottage was ‘Backen’.  From courses we took  at
Järna we learned how to compost and  grow ecologically. 
We lived there until 1975. Two of our children were born there.

From 1975 to 1981 we lived in Hälsingland, Dalarna, and Gästrikland. 
On a foggy November day in 1981 we moved back to Finnerödja,
in the
village of Vallsjöbol . There we lived in a former grocery shop
with a garden that once belonged to a plant collector.
The garden had died back for the winter, its contents unknown to us,
so when spring arrived we simply watched it come to life with blooms
of Crocus, Scilla, Helleborus, Frittilaria, Primula (primroses),
(peonies), Lilies etc

When our fifth child arrived in 1985, she had Down’s syndrome.
We needed to live closer to  urban amenities and so we moved to Arvika, in 1988. 
We built a beautiful studio at Tornstigen 10, which we left in 1995.

In 1996 we found our current home in Edane, a mile south-east of Arvika. 
The last 15 years I’ve painted primarily in watercolour.  
The shimmering, clear colours are beneficial for soul and mind. 
Painting is a language that everyone can understand and doesn’t
need translation, just a spectator with open eyes like those of a child!

It’s now 2004 and hopefully I will continue to paint and garden this year!


Galleri 54, Göteborg -67

art exhibition together with other artists

Länets Konst, Örebro -73 art exhibition together with other artists
Södertälje konstförening. Södertälje -74 one-man-show
Galleri Duvan, Stockholm -75 one-man-show
Kumla Konsthall, Kumla -75 art exhibition together with other artists
Orsa Konsthall, Orsa -78 art exhibition together with other artists
Galleri Svarta Katten, Gävle -80 one-man-show
Myrans Ateljé, Göteborg -84 one-man-show
Nyttokonst, Uddevalla -84 one-man-show
Galleri Vättern, Askersund -86 one-man-show
Konstkällaren, Arvika -89 one-man-show
Arvika Nyheter, Arvika -89 one-man-show
Teck-Galleri, Stuttgart Tyskland -90 one-man-show
Abrahamsgården, Norberg -90 one-man-show
Galleri K, Karlstad -91, -93, -95 one-man-show
Prästgårdsgalleriet, Linköping -94 art exhibition together with other artists
Arvika Konsthall, Julsalongen -90 -- -94 art exhibition together with other artists
Gota Bank Höstsalong, Stockholm -94 art exhibition together with other artists
Stadshuset Vårsalong, Stockholm -95 art exhibition together with other artists
Gammelvâla Konstutställning, Brunskog -97 -- -03 --- art exhibition together with other artists
Björknäs Konstutställning, Arvika -90 -- 03 --- art exhibition together with other artists
Galleri Terséus, Stockholm -00 art exhibition together with other artists
Länsstyrelsens Vårsalong, Karlstad -02 art exhibition together with other artists

Represented at:

Örebro läns landsting, Skaraborgs läns landsting, Örebro Kommun,
Non-profit Art assosiations 1970 - 2003, Private collections.

Art assosiations at business company (concerns) in Sweden:

ABAB, Arla, Arlanda Höstsalong, Betong & Balast, Folksam,
Galleri K:s Konstförening, Generaltullstyrelsen, Gota Bank,
ICL-Data, Luftfartsverket, Militärstaberna, NWT:s Konstförening,
Osram, Ransäter-Munkfors Konstförening, Sophiahemmet,
Televerket Sundbyberg, Tekniska Nämndehuset, Ångpanneföreningen-AF, m.fl.




A nice event took place in 2003, when I won a contest at The Garden Society of Gothenburg.
The task was to compose a small garden with Roses.


Link to the photographer Lisbeth Zachs’ site with slide-show of my winning contribution “ Paradise Garden

Link to slide-show with detail pictures of “ Paradise Garden

Excerpt from SR’s (Swedish Radio’s) Gröna Rum (Gardening show in Swedish television)


1st prize was a trip to Chelsea Flower Show in May 2003, London .
A non-forgettable experience!


Here are some photos from Chelsea Flower Show 2003.
Photographers are Daniel and BrittMarie Wirgård.


Peter Beales

A wonderful construction made only with green plants,
trellis and a golden globe.

This way to show this Primula auriculum
is called Auriculum-Theater.

Roses; Apple Blossom
och Francis E. Lester

Paul's Himalayan Musk Rambler


More springflowers

Orchids, Nomocharis, Trillium, etc

Show-garden inspired by the summer


Chair from Kew Garden