(Gustaf’s Grove)


Once a wild grove a century ago, our current property was
previously known as
Wilton ’s Nursery where they grafted
apple trees, cultivated Dahlias, Lathyrus (sweet pea),
, Gypsophila (baby’s breath), Verbena, Asters,
vegetables etc. 
When the second generation of
Wilton passed away in
the late 1980’s, the garden was already turning wild. 
We bought the property in 1996.


Trapped among nettles and raspberry-shrubs we found
Anemone x hybrida
, Veronica, Campanula and Paeonia
BrittMarie’s fascination of roses developed when she was
given a copy of  Cedergrens’ Rose Catalogue by
the Kalenius Gardencenter in Arvika.


The old nursery is now developed into a rose garden with
more than 130 species, a variety of perennials  and with
some annuals sown every year.  Trees such as  
Pyrus salicifolia
(willow leaf pear), Crataegus (hawthorn),
(apple), Syringia (lilac), and Magnolia etc.
have been added.
The garden is surrounded by Thuja (cedar), Corylus
(hazelnut),  Amelanchier (serviceberry), Acer (maple),
(horse chestnut),
Philadelphus (mock orange) and Picea (spruce).
The last one is standing some 10 meters west of the
house and is about 30 meters high.  It has been pruned
twice and gives life and a changing shadow to the garden. 
The garden today is an attempt towards harmony and
originality by the simplest means possible,
one with nature but yet a garden.


In the center of the garden there is a small meadow surrounded by roses,
and a larger flower bed with roses and delphiniums. In the front of the
house there is a kitchen garden with more  roses !  In the Lilac arbour
Hans has hidden the solar energy panel, but the Hops pole is intact
and the arbour to the west is newly made. Some of the favourites right now,
besides the roses are Kirengeshoma koreana (yellow wax bells),
, Penstemon-digitalis, Anemone tomentosa
(grape leaf anemone),
(misc.sp), Primula polyantha ’Gold Laced’,
as well as other Primula, Geranium (misc.sp),
several varieties of Paeonia suffruticosa,
and let’s not  forget the wild flowers!



Gustafslund’s last nursery gardener, Börje Wilton, as a child.



The garden, troly from 1945